Visitas al campo
Formulación o Asesoramiento en Nutrición
Evaluación y control de proceso

This service is aimed at providing support in the general management of the different sectors of the farm and the integral management of food in the establishment. This contributes to making the use of our products more efficient.

An important technical team made up of more than 20 professionals with real experience in animal production makes up our working group.

  • Grinding control (by granulometry)
  • Mixing control (by mixtracer)
  • Evaluation of the general condition of the plant (including equipment and raw materials)
  • Trainings and technical conferences for producers and farm staff that aims to inform and train people who work on farms. These trainings are coordinated with clients in order to meet their specific needs.
  • Guidance and training for the implementation of quality control systems (SOL, BPM, ISO). In charge of the staff of the Biofarma Quality Dto.

Biofarma offers its customers the possibility of taking advantage of all its experience in terms of quality for their company. Our Quality Department is made available to customers who are on this path in order to support, guide and train them to achieve their quality objectives.